Qualitative research is a means of finding out not simply what people do, but why they do it. So, for example, what is it that people like, or dislike, about a product? Why do they feel that way? And what would they prefer? Qualitative research requires having exploratory discussions rather than each person being asked the same standard questions. Qualitative research can provide a greater understanding of what people need, want, feel and care about, which can be valuable information. One of the best-known techniques for gathering qualitative data is through focus groups, where eight or nine people are brought together for a particular amount of time to discuss something. Have you ever wanted to participate in a focus group? Most focus group participants say it is very interesting and enjoyable. Participants are compensated for their involvement, at the time of the study.

Here at Cambridge Focus we abide by a strict code of ethics. All research is confidential. Participants will never be asked to purchase or endorse a product or service as a result of taking part in one of our studies. Our work is devoted to opinion research.

All research participants working with Cambridge Focus come from the Boston area. Participants hear about us through postings on Websites such as Craig's List, by observing flyers or handouts we have distributed, from friends who have been research participants, seeing advertisements in newspapers, or learning about us through groups or organizations to which they belong.


  • Q- What is qualitative research?
  • A- The term "qualitative research" has different meanings in different fields, with the social science usage the most well-known. In the social sciences, qualitative research is a broad term that describes research that focuses on how individuals and groups view and understand the world and constructs meaning out of their experiences; it is essentially narrative-oriented.

Participant Feedback

Participating in a focus group at Cambridge Focus was an interesting and enjoyable experience, and I got paid! I would recommend Cambridge Focus to any of my friends or colleagues.

- B. Beaudreau